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Week 6

Week 6


Goal is to complete 1 level of each skill at least 3 days a week! Should come out to be a minimum of about a 30 Minute work-out per day.

Ball Handling
3-Cone OSU Drill (10 min per day)

3 Levels:

Beginner: 3-cones (5ft apart in zig-zag); at each cone, low crossover, spin, triple crossover.

Example Video 1

Intermediate: Repeat Beginner steps. At each cone, crossover, behind back, spin, legs.

Example Video 1and Example Video 2

Advanced: Repeat Intermediate steps. At each cone, triple between legs, triple behind back, between legs/behind back.

Example Video 1 and Example Video 2

Maximum Range Shooting (10 Min per day)

3 Levels:

Beginner: Always Spin pass to self to start. Start 5ft from the front of the rim. Once shot is made back up 2-3ft and repeat until you hit a “maximum range” where you can still shoot with good form and making shots consistently Shoot from that distance for 10 Min!

Intermediate: Everyone’s range will vary, but 5/6th Grade should be around 15-20ft. Shoot all shots from Front of the Rim.

Advanced: Advanced 7/8th grade players should be at 3pt line (20ft) or 2-3ft behind it for max range at this stage. Not making every shot, but can use good form and make about 2 out of 5 shots from that maximum distance.

1 on 1 Scoring
Lancer Drill (10 Min per day)

3 Levels:

Beginner - Advanced: Go for 30 seconds for each activity. Keep track of Makes. 2-foot power ups, Mikan Drill, X-up Layups from freethrow line each time, Free throw line jump shots, 3-pt line jump shots(Adjust “3-pt range” for your max distance without losing form!. Beginners do not need to go behind the back on free-throw line lay ups!

Example Video 1

Skill Competition Drill
1-Min Mikan Drill!

Keep track of total made. Must use both left and right hand! See the Video link for Lancer Drill that includes Mikan Drill as the second part of that series for example if needed! 5-8th Grade = 15ft. 4th-Under = 10ft (And May Lower Hoop to 8ft). Please Use exact measurements if possible!

Email [email protected] by Sunday of Week 6 with your Name, Grade, and Number of Shots Made!


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